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[walking around outside] 


[singing Christmas songs as loud as he can]

"Now why on Earth are you singing so loudly?"

'You're going to attract a moose or something. Do they even have moose in this area?”


Alice nodded her head while listening to Emma speak. Her ears perked up when she mentioned mermaids. “Mermaids? I’ve always wanted to see one! Do they sing? I imagine they aren’t anything like what I’ve read in fairytales. Mermaids are something I want to see at least once in my life.” she commented. “I imagine you’ll see them again. Now I can prove to my parents that someone has seen a mermaid.” 

"Do mermaids sing? From what I’ve heard yes they do. Do you ever want to hear them sing. Not really. Mermaids are in no way like the ones in fairy tales they tell to little children now. They like to lure people into the water with their singing and then drag them under the water. If I remember correctly its so they can eat them." Emma stopped for a minute before continuing. "If you really want to look for one, if you’re brave… or stupid enough. Go out into the ocean in the morning or at night. Those are usually the times when they come out."

By The Fire||Open


Lovino didn’t even know why he had to go on the stupid trip with the rest of the school It wasn’t too bad though, he had a room all to himself. The Italian didn’t even know how to ski and was just settling for sitting by the fire in the lobby. He pulled out a book he had brought with him and opened it up, quickly finding it where he left off. 

His eyes barely even skimmed over the pages as he sat there reading the book. Everyone was so loud and it was hard to concentrate on the book in front of him. He shut the book and glanced around, everyone was talking with friends and getting ready to go out. He just shook his head and stared at the flames in front of him bouncing about. 

Emma had just left the entertainment room of the resort. She had gotten tired of watching some of the boys from the football team fight over what were the real rules of playing billiard pool. She shook her head remembering how the stupid scene had unfolded. They weren’t even close on how to actually play it.

Coming down to the lounge of the resort Emma looked around for a place to sit she spotted and empty place next to a bored looking kid. If Emma remembered correctly he was in one of her classes or at least in her grade. “This spot taken?” She asked him. He looked iritated by everyone around and Emma couldn’t really blame him, if people wanted to talk so loudly they could at least go some place else. 

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"I hope they’ll remember me. Even if they were a nuisance at times, I still like them. I mean, not many people can say that they have meet a fairy or any other type of mythical creature." she smiled. "Say Emma, have you ever seen a unicorn? I’ve seen one once, it was extraordinary. I wish I could have meet it, but it ran away as soon as I got near it."

"I’m sure they will And no, I don’t think many can say they’ve actually had the chance to see any type of mythical creature before." Emma stooped thinking for a moment before shaking her head. "I don’t believe I have. I’ve caught a glimpse of a mermaid once before when I was little though. I had gone out with my dad on his boat. I’ve never seen one after that again though." 



[Not really. He  discreetly tries to shake the pain off his hand]

"Alright then. Just don’t go around punching to many things, the school will be able to find you if you end up messing up your hand."

*She straightens herself back up*

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